About our team: 


The Sharing Hope team consists of volunteers from different walks of life with different experiences coming together with a shared vision for change in our community.  The team was organized 5 years ago working on the same goal to prevent suicide and bring awareness of mental illness.  For the last 5 years we worked for a national organization, we now have moved to a local level to keep the money raised here in the Chippewa Valley.  The Suicide Prevention Chippewa Valley will be using money raised to promote, support and educate around mental illness and suicide prevention.

Why do we do this?


Our communities continue to be rocked by the impact of suicide.   The Sharing Hope walk team previously raised funds for national suicide prevention but were unable to use it locally to provide education or support prevention activities in our local communities.  We saw an opportunity to work with our two sponsor organizations to really make a difference here. 

What we use the funding for?

Funds will be used by Prevent Suicide Chippewa Valley to support activities, education and raise awareness.  Thus far in 2017-18 we have supported the Hopeline Textline, distributed tear off flyers to area businesses that provide crisis information and purchased tickets to a local showing of “The Ripple Effect”.  The National Alliance on Mental Illness-Chippewa Valley will use funds to create a physical space to further their work on educating and supporting loved ones of those with mental illness.